Tire Gard - Drastically reduce or eliminate flat tires

Protect your tires from flats

Tire Gard eliminates almost all flat tire issues, ensuring your vehicle is operating as efficiently as possible.

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Manufactured in the USA

Tire Gard

Eliminate costly down-time and reduce flat tire repair and replacement costs.

  • Protect truck, farm, industrial, construction, lawn, John Deere Gators and off-road tires
  • Guard against sharp objects encountered on the job site

Guard against sharp objects encountered on the job site with Tire Gard.

The Tire Gard liner is light-weight and won’t put strain on your suspension.

Tire Gard eliminates downtime and reduces flat tire repair and tire replacement costs

Proudly manufactured in Elida, Ohio, USA

Established in 1986, Tire Gard is a custom-manufactured product that reduces flat tire problems in farm, industrial, lawn, and off-road equipment. Our guard is a thick, high-density, yet lightweight rubber liner that is inserted inside pneumatic tires in vehicles that travel under 35 miles per hour.

The Tire Gard is a simple, yet effective, solution to flat tires issues, including puncture by nail, screw, thorns, and other objects – even deer antler sheds! The rubber liner guards against sharp objects and protects your tube from deflating. The best part? The Tire Gard is easy to install, and requires no special tools or training.

Protect your truck, farm, industrial, construction, lawn, and off-road tires from costly flat tires. Eliminate or reduce tire replacement costs.


Reduces costly down time by reducing tire replacement

Tire Guard is a fraction of the cost of foam or urethane fill

Our liners do not wear out and can be re-used

Requires no special tools or training to install