Tire Gard pricing is based on your specific tire size and manufacturer

We custom manufacture liners for almost all tire sizes. Your guard will be specific to the tire size, brand, and tread type your equipment uses.

Tire Gard liners will pay for themselves within one season or less by saving you downtime and the cost of repairing and replacing flat tires. With Tire Gard, you will be able to use your tires until cord failure. Additionally, you will have the ability to reuse your liners once your current tires fail.

Your tires are exposed to many different elements in the field: mesquite thorns, brush, crop stubble, to name a few. The Tire Gard protects against damageInformation we need to know

So we can offer you an accurate quote, please provide us the following important information:

  • Tire size
  • Tire brand
  • Tire tread type

Tire Gard liners are manufactured to the exact specifications of each tire brand. We request if you have this information available you send it to us. However, if you are unsure of your brand, we can still help you.

Below is a basic price list for our most frequently ordered liner sizes:

550 X 16  –  $66.00

600 X 16  –  $69.00

650 X 16  –  $69.00

750 X 16  –  $74.00

9.5 L X 15  –  $82.00

1000 X 16  –  $93.00

14.9 X 28  –  $295.00

16.9 X 30 –  $317.00

18.4 X 30  –  $327.00

18.4 X 38  –  $378.00

Have a tire size not listed?

To receive a quote on custom guards for your specific tire, click here.

Downtime is expensive

Want to know how much you could save with a Tire Gard? Add up your total savings with our Downtime Calculator!

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