Tire Gard is the most effective solution to your flat tire problems

For more than 30 years, we have been manufacturing the solution to a problem that causes lost time, wages, repair costs, and headaches. Our Tire Gard eliminates almost all flat tire issues, ensuring your vehicle is operating as efficiently as possible.

Your tires are exposed to many different elements in the field: mesquite thorns, brush, crop stubble, to name a few. The Tire Gard protects against damage from these sharp objects.

Your tires are exposed to many different elements in the field: mesquite thorns, brush, crop stubble, to name a few. The Tire Gard protects against damageThe guard is a high-density, yet lightweight, ½ inch thick rubber liner that fits between your tire and the tire tube. It’s simple, yet effective. The Tire Gard is inserted inside tires to protect tire tubes. When an object like a bolt, nail, or screw punctures the tread of a tire with a properly installed Tire Gard, the object will strike the Tire Gard instead of the tube. Since the guard is not part of the tire, it can move toward the tube and resist the object. The intruding object will tend to move to the side or be forced out of the tire.

Other solutions, like foam fill, are very costly and put strain on truck and tractor suspensions. This can cause added cost of equipment repair and premature tire wear.

In comparison, the Tire Gard is lightweight and puts no additional strain on your farm, industrial, lawn, or off-road equipment and also give you a smooth pneumatic ride.

Each Tire Gard liner is custom manufactured to the exact specifications of your tractor, forklifts, street sweepers, backhoes, mowers, and other pneumatic tires. Tire Gards are not to be used on the highway or at high speeds greater than 35 miles per hour.

Tire Gard will:

  • Protect truck, farm, industrial, construction, lawn, John Deere Gators and off-road tires
  • Protect against sharp objects encountered on the job site
  • Drastically reduce costly down-time, tire repair, and tire replacement costs
  • Extend the life of your tires by enabling you to use them until cord failure

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Tire Gard affect the ride?
Tire Gard acts no differently than any pneumatic tire. It will, in fact, help equipment to last longer. Tire Gard offers a smooth ride.

How effective is Tire Gard?
Tire Gard is more than 90 percent effective and in most cases will eliminate all flat tires.

Can I reuse my Tire Gard liners once my tires wear out?
Yes. Since Tire Gard liners do not wear out, they can be reused as many times as you choose, as long as you use the same brand and dimensions the guard was made for.

What advantage does Tire Gard have over foam or urethane fill?
Tire Gard is a fraction of the cost of foam or urethane fill and there is no problem with heat build-up. Tire Gard will not put strain or bend your suspension if you bump into anything.
Tire Gard also maintains a pneumatic ride.

What is the warranty on the Tire Gard?
The Tire Gard warranty extends only to the quality and workmanship of materials. Since we have no direct control over the application of the finished products or its installation, number of items reused or its condition, we shall not be liable for injury, loss, damage or expense directly or indirectly from the use of the Tire Gard unit. Tire Gard liners are not recommended for speeds over 35 miles per hour.

Will Tire Gard work on tubeless tires?
Yes, Tire Gard can be installed in tubeless tires, but a tube must be installed once the Tire Gard is installed.

Downtime is expensive

Want to know how much you could save with a Tire Gard? Add up your total savings with our Downtime Calculator!

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