“We installed Tire Gard liners in our forklifts over 2 years ago. Before using them we had to call a local tire service out at least twice per week which was $100 per trip plus materials. We have drastically cut our costs and down time. Now we maybe have to call the tire service once ever few months, but the liners take a lot of abuse from staples and 16 penny nails all over the place. We tried foam but the lifts road like a log wagon. I will never go back to foam again!”

Jeff at North Valley Lumber, WINTHROP, WA

“I have had Tire Gard liners for 15 years now and NO flats! I was having 3 or 4 flats a year before I purchased Tire Gards. I even took the Tire Gards out of my original tires that I wore out and put them in the new set of tires. Tire Gards were God sent! Now back for a set of liners for my 4020, my newest tractor.”

Dave McKedver, Catawissa, MO

“We looked everywhere for liners like these. The cost of foam fill was killing us and so were the constant flats. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your product.”

Ron, Construction Business Owner, NC

“I purchased liners for our county mowing tractors- started with the front tractor tires and then purchased for the rear tires. Considering the cost of patching, shop time, down time- which has all been eliminated, the Tire Gard liners paid for themselves in less than one season.”

Jim, County Engineer, OH

“I was having flats every week, and that’s not an exaggeration. Since I bought your Tire Gards, I haven’t had one flat tire. Thanks!”

Clinton, Farmer, NV

“I really appreciate your liners. The mesquite thorns were getting to the tires pretty bad. Put them in our mowing tractors, and now we use them in our four-wheelers, too. Great product.”

Mike, Roadside Mowing, Farming, AL

“In January 2014 I purchased liners for my Farmall 656. I was having problems with thorns. Since then I have not had one flat tire! I recently ordered a set for my John Deere 5100E.”

John Henschel, Fairway, KS

“At the beginning of the mowing season we purchased and installed liners in the right front tires of our mower tractors. As a result, they have not only eliminated flats and lacerations, but have allowed us to use the tire until cord failure occurs. Considering the cost of tire patching, shop time, and down time, which has been eliminated, the product has paid for itself in one season.”

James P. Surber, Darke County Engineer

Downtime is expensive

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